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8 Tips for sitting for the Scrum Master Certification exam

The Scrum Master Certification (SMC) exam is taken online and you only have 120 minutes to attempt 100 questions. The average passing mark for the course is 75%. It is essential to be as familiarized as possible with these concepts as time is limited and many candidates end up leaving some questions unanswered. We at Scrum Malaysia have come up with 8 tips will help you while you are sitting for the Scrum Master exam.

  • Stable internet connection: The exam is online so make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Attempt the exam in the most stable internet connection hour of the day. The best times for you to sit for the exam are early in the morning or late in the evening. Most of our students have sat for the exam from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.
  • Choose a peaceful time slot: The more relaxed you are with the least amount of distractions will result in better exam scores. Find the best time for yourself.
  • Keep your calculator ready: There will be a few simple calculation questions during the session. Get a calculator and keep in ready for you to quickly answer those questions.
  • Read questions carefully: Many multiple choice questions seem similar when you read them too quickly. Therefore it is best to read them at a medium pace.
  • Beware of word tricks: Some very common tricks used in the exam learn to differentiate between the two:
    • should vs could
    • attend vs participate.
  • Use a Timer: Time management is crucial during this exam. This is because you only have 1.2 minutes to answer a question. While conducting your practice exam, use should use a timer. This will help to manage your time while answering all the questions.
  • Mark the confusing question: There are many scenario based questions in the exam. Some of them are really long and it may get confusing. If you get stuck on a tricky question, skip it for the time being. To help you save time and energy, mark the question and you can attempt them later.
  • Don’t panic: The best tip for you is to stay calm while studying for the exam and during the exam.

With all the steps above, we are confident that you will be able to pass the Scrum Master Certification Exam.

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9 August 2020

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