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Why you should consider being a Scrum Master in Malaysia?

As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, complex problems are bound to emerge. Such complex problems require adoption of agile practices for innovative solutions to emerge. It requires a different way to manage a business. There are many ways to apply agile principles in practice. We at Scrum Malaysia, are huge fans of using the Scrum methodology. Scrum is slowly becoming the “cool kid” with more than 81% of companies applying Scrum with other agile methodologies.

Scrum solves complex problems faced and enables development of innovative ideas for improvement. These ideas come about through collaborative interaction among key stakeholders that is facilitated by a Scrum Master. A Scrum Master in Malaysia provides an enjoyable and a streamlined atmosphere for the development team, which in turn improves the product and fosters innovation. Such a role is fast replacing the role of a traditional Project Manager.

Scrum Masters are in high demand in Malaysia due to the limited number of people working in the field. For instance, in 2017, the role of a Scrum Master was ranked 10th among the most promising jobs in the world.

We at Scrum Malaysia have come up with 5 reasons why you should consider playing the role of a Scrum Master in Malaysia.

1. Become more valuable to the company

Scrum decreases time to market, which means there are high returns on every investment the company makes. Since you are guiding the development process, your services become even more indispensable to the organization. For example, regular feedback through sprint reviews directly from stakeholders, including customers, enables project correction earlier which is less costly and time-consuming than later in the process.

2. Contribute towards developing new products

The joy of developing products which simplify complex problems for the end users is unparalleled, and so is the recognition that comes with it.

As a Scrum Master in Malaysia you can contribute to delivering customer centric products and have the satisfaction of knowing that your team was pivotal to the success of the project. Moreover, it makes everyone, the company, the team, and the customers happy.

3. Be in position of higher visibility

As a Scrum Master in Malaysia, you oversee every aspect of a project. This kind of visibility makes it easier to identify issues during the development phase and resolve them quickly. A complete control of the project comes with the responsibility for its failings.

Thus, encouraging you to take full accountability to reduce the risks of developing a project, which in turn makes you—as a Scrum Master—more visible to the company.

4. Drive exciting innovation

A scrum team delivers high value products to clients. To do this, they need to provide an enjoyable and conducive work environment for the members. This helps the team to focus on being self-organized, encouraging others to come up with innovative and creative ideas and increase efficiency.

As a Scrum Master, you are involved in time scaling and providing accurate details of the project requirements—deciding the flexibility of the development and guiding innovative measures to achieve the target. You are essentially driving innovation for the team to do better every time, all the time

5. Build a promising career path for your future.

A Scrum Masters career path in Malaysia is never ending. They can proceed to become Scrum mentors/coach, project managers and product owners. In addition, companies pay the Scrum Master handsomely to keep them in the company. In 2019, it is stated that 15% of responders as a Scrum Master are earning over USD100K a year without a formal certification. 50% of respondents who are Scrum Master who make over USD 75,000 annually have formal Scrum training while only 6% of those in that same range do not have formal Scrum Training.


It is clear that Scrum Master in Malaysia is valuable in any organization. You will pick up lots of skill as a once you learn and practically apply your knowledge as a Scrum Master. Being a Scrum Master is easy and you can do it at home. Scrum Malaysia provides certification for you to be a Scrum Master. Join us online for a 2-day Scrum Master Certification preparatory session on 12 - 13 December 2020 and get certified after passing the exam while being at home.


Dr. Rumesh Kumar,


April 2020

Author Profile

Asst. Prof. Dr. Rumesh Kumar is a:-

  • Certified Professional Trainer;
  • Certified Knowledge Manager;
  • Certified Project Management Professional;
  • ScrumStudy Certified Trainer; and
  • Certified Tetramap facilitator.

He specializes in areas of agile project management, knowledge management and organizational diagnostics. He has trained hundreds of participants, from multiple organizations such as Tan Chong Motors, Shell and Maxis Communications to become
Scrum Master Certified.


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